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Fun stuff for stag nights and hen nights
Hen night and stag night challenges

Let’s face it, no bride or groom worth their salt can enjoy the anticipation of the best man’s speech without having completed the hen/stag night wish list.

Please be warned that the following suggestions may cause embarrassment, perhaps resentment and we cannot take any responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

What you will need:

  • One tacky bag with handle
  • Lots of shredded paper
  • 1 can of whipped cream
  • 1 banana (you decide what to do with it!)
  • A frilled garter
  • Brightly coloured paper for the challenges:
  1. Kiss someone old, someone new, someone borrowed and someone blue
  2. Get a member of the opposite sex to remove a garter from his/her leg with their teeth.
  3. Lick cream off of a man/woman’s chest (usually plenty of volunteers)
  4. Get a member of bar staff (of opposite sex) to buy you a drink and share it with you.
  5. Have a photo taken with a member of the emergency services (preferably NOT a paramedic!!!)
  6. Obtain an item of underwear from a member of the opposite sex and wear on head for ?? hour.
  7. Take control of the microphone and sing “I’m getting married in the morning” or “going to the chapel”
  8. For stags; kiss a blonde, brunette, red-head, short hair and long haired women. For Hens: Kiss a man with a moustache, a man with a beard, a man with long hair & a man with no hair.

If you do not wish to carry a bag, theses challenges could be administered via a quiz about how well they know their partner – but you’ll have to do your homework first!

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Hen and Stag night dressing up

Fancy dress is such a laugh and creates a great atmosphere in the group, especially if you’ve got a range of mates that don’t all know each other.

Do check the venue’s rules first though you don’t want to turn up wearing a wig, a nurses uniform, stockings and a g-string and find that you can't get in because you’re wearing trainers!

Tried & Tested ideas:

  • Superheroes
  • Policemen/policewomen,
    with the hen/stag dressed as a convict
  • Army/Military
  • Doctors/Nurses
  • Ladies – get oiled up and dress up as mechanics
  • Lads – dress up as women – you never know, you might like it!
  • Morris Dancers
  • French Maids or
  • Moulin Rouge/showgirls
  • Cartoon characters
  • Jockeys
  • Fireman
  • Pirates

The trick is to accessorise:

The standard attire for hen/stag includes:

  • Tasty blow-up doll
  • Veil/Antlers
  • Wigs – glitter wigs, classy ’70s wigs, devils horns, etc., are a nice alternative for places that don’t accept fancy dress or perhaps tiaras
  • Plastic boobs and willies –
    a couple of condoms filled
    with rice and tied with ribbon makes for an attractive necklace
  • L Plates – to be wed signs – etc
  • A T-shirt – preferably with their worst photo moment ever printed on the front

Look out for your mates and ...

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